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Regardless of which package or service UP delivers, it is covered under UP's exclusive Service Quality Guarantee (SQG),  all projects regardless of size are completed to the highest quality possible and exemplify excellence.  


We chose long-term service quality and trust over short-term sales. Why? As business owners and hardworking people we understand the dynamics of a company's needs. We are all consumers and customers at some point. We see and know the same cheap marketing techniques you hear every day. This is why we don't do it. No limited time offers, no secret specials, and no fake promises. We want you to take your time, look around, consider all your options, and ask questions. 


We strive to succeed the industry standards in quality, not quantity.  By offering personal one-on-one consulting, we understand your business is unique. The truth is no system design is ever the same and it shouldn't be.  Our clients are empowered and informed of all their options and capabilities. You will never be disappointed. 

About up Gas detection systems and services

Peace of mind is not for sale, it is the result of informed decision making.  UP gas detection systems are custom designed to not just meet your specific needs, but to exceed all your expectations.

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