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Commissioning is a systematic process which provides documented confirmation that your gas monitoring system functions according to the intended design criteria set forth. UP Detection Services includes this service as part of any new system installed or as your commissioning agent known as the CxA. We can also provide this service as the owner’s third party test entity for existing systems, retro systems, or installations in progress.

Your gas monitoring detection system design is by far the most crucial stage of any detection system. If not designed properly it will not function as intended when you need it the most. This is why the commissioning of your system is a vital step towards protection. Regardless of the installing contractor, a neutrally un-bias 3rd party commission agent is always highly recommended.

The following are few common elements pertaining to the commissioning process:

  • Did the contractor install what you paid for?  Unfortunately it is all too common for a customer to have designed and paid for the perfect system only to have a contractor install a “less than equal” replacement.  After all without being familiar with these specialized systems it would be difficult for one to know if a detector mounted 30 foot in the air is not the same
    one ordered.  UP Detection Services are experts in this field and can assure you the intended
    equipment has been provided and installed as required.  A documented commissioning process insures the end users obtain the full value of their system.  When the installation process does not follow the projects engineered plans, the results are costly checks, tests, and start up procedures as a result (wasted time and money).  

  • Quality products and material; wire/cable, proper gauge, shielded / non-shielded, and manufacture recommended brand names. There is a reason almost every major detector manufacturer recommends Beldon wire. The less expensive equivalents can lead to multiple initial or long-term issues with these intelligent detection systems.

  • Terminations at each detector need to be verified that power and signal wires were landed properly and EOL resistors were installed as per specs.

  • Once programming has been completed and all alarm thresholds checked, additional
    performance tests are required to ensure outputs such as notifications, audio & visible (horns & strobes) and/or warning lights annunciate for occupant evacuation or action.

  • Proper operation of the exhaust fans via gas monitoring system relays, checking for proper
    rotation of fans and related make-up air or fresh air dampers and louvers operate as

  • Sensor calibration is a required procedure for every new system.  Calibrating each sensor with
    the proper test gas to zero the LEL or PPM values is a precautionary measure to insure proper
    operation.  Sensors can be taken out of tolerance by contaminates during the installation
    process.  Whether or not manufacturer’s state the sensors are factory calibrated, UP will never
    risk your assets or business continuity on it.

These are only some important aspects regarding the commissioning process.  As you can see, it is easy to recognize the importance of proper commissioning.  Here at UP Detection Services, we are always more than happy to assist you in any way we can.