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Free  Initial consultation

UP Detection Services is ready to meet with you for a comprehensive in depth analysis or for a general overview to identify the right gas monitoring solution to fit you’re project and objectives. Whether the gas monitoring solution is a reactive or proactive approach, UP Detection Services will provide clarity and direction for the next steps to a successful system. 

Consultation is the first step in addressing all types of systems including, code, manufacture options, interconnected systems, operational needs, and cost. Our goal is to assist you through establishing a solid basis of design (BOD). This will lay the ground work for rough order of magnitude costs (ROM), total cost of ownership (TCO) as well as engineering, plans, installation, and maintenance. You will get the best systems with industry best practices geared to maximize return while reducing overall cost.

Upfront and personable, UP Detection Services consultation provides an “end in mind” approach to discover, identify, recommend, and plan for a successful solution to your gas monitoring needs.

Available on site, in office, or remote, UP Detection Services is ready to work with you to address either a  new, existing, upgrade, or modification.