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UP Detection is always looking to extend it's reach. We have been working really hard over the past year to create a facility that would allow our capabilities to grow and serve our clients even better in the future.  Our new facility will include interactive detection system design models to help provide a better understanding of the safety features and additional benefits our design team has to offer. We are looking forward to opening our new doors soon!!

UP Detection Services include..

Why UP Fixed Detection Systems?

Hazardous gases present serious risks to people in facilities of all forms and sizes.  With CNG rapidly advancing logistics in the U.S. in providing an alternative to foreign oil, reducing environmental impact, and lowering operating costs; also comes the responsibility of identifying hazardous gas risks to eliminate potentially dangerous conditions and keep people safe.  Whether you are operating a small CNG station or a fleet maintenance facility, UP Detection Services specializes in designing and installing the latest top tier detection systems.  A fixed continuous monitoring system that can protect your operations and personnel. 

UP fixed detection systems monitor CNG and all other forms of combustible gases such as natural gas (Methane) or Hydrogen that represent a risk for facilities due to fire or explosion.  Toxic gases including Carbon Monoxide, Hydrogen Sulfide, Chlorine and many others represent a risk to human safety, while inert gases such as Nitrogen can cause Oxygen displacement leading to asphyxiation.

UP understands your business is unique and quality is important to your reputation.  This is why our detection systems are custom designed to provide you with the highest levels of protection while keeping in mind your business needs throughout the entire project.  From standalone sensor modules that can be integrated into the user’s safety and control system, to enterprise wide systems that incorporate IoT functions such as network connectivity, web-server graphics capabilities, and cloud data analytics.  UP offers an array of packages and services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee that our quality and attention to detail will not be surpassed. 

UP Detection Services tailors gas detection systems of the highest quality in both design and installation.  We understand how important the safety and wellbeing of your personnel is to you.  That is why our mission here at UP is to provide a stand-alone fixed gas monitoring system that surpasses your expectations.  With an UP detection system you can rest assured that you're protected 24/7.  Specializing in toxic and combustible gases such as CNG (compressed natural gas), our gas detection systems exceed industry standards from the very beginning to the end.

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