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                           UP Detection Services proudly serves nationwide, no matter where you are, you can count on UP

UP Detection Services provide A+ installation services.  This includes complete project management or oversight of construction.

Total project management from UP Detection Services keeps your project moving forward and on
schedule from start to finish.  Not only do you get project management that will forecast timeline
schedules and stick to it, but more importantly you will have a designated single point of contact to
interact with throughout the project.  No worries about chasing multiple contractors and getting the run around or wondering when the next step will take place.

UP project management we will guarantee:

  • Safety First!! Hard hats, gloves, ear and eye protection will be worn at all times by all
    trades while working on your property. There is a zero tolerance policy for unsafe
    actions on the job site.  Your employees and your property are our Number 1 priority and we will insure the safety of both.

  • Weekly progress meetings with your company’s representative.  Whether he/she is on site or remotely located we will be keeping you fully informed on the progress as well as any challenges that may arise along the way.  You will always know the status, the progress and when it will be completed.

  • Coordination is the key to every successful project.  When you have UP Detection Services in charge of project management we will handle it all for you.  UP can manage related trades, knowing associated lead times on materials and time it takes to complete each phase.  With this in mind we can manage the construction time lines thus maximizing productivity and efficiency in: Ordering materials, getting lift equipment delivered, scheduling electrical contractors, HVAC contractors, roofing contractors, detection installations, and any needed inspections.  We are experienced professionals who do this every day and we can easily shave weeks off the average project saving you time and money.

  • Cleanliness is not only part of professionalism, but also a reflection on UP’s standards.  Any slip/trip hazards will be picked up immediately and construction debris will be swept up and cleaned daily.

If you already have a project management team in mind we will be more than happy to work diligently for them upholding the UP standards.  We will coordinate our efforts with their team for requirements, schedules, and deliverables.  After all our goal is your goal, providing and installing the best long term solution to all your detection needs.

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